Kapok Special Event Center Gardens

As you enter the Kapok Gardens, you'll think you've been whisked away into an enchanted dream. It's truly a taste of Europe, right here in Central Florida.

Massive Italian fountains, cascading waterfalls and statuary will greet you — leading the way through beautifully-landscaped greenery to a hidden lagoon overlooking the Grand Ballroom.

The famous Kapok Tree

The Kapok Tree (Bombax Malabaricum) was raised from a seedling by nurseryman Robert Hoyt in the 1870s, and planted across from his house — at the future location of the Kapok Tree Inn. For years, this was the site of an orange grove and fruit stand.

Throughout its life, the exotic tree has drawn curious visitors, eventually becoming the namesake of the historic Kapok Tree Inn — and, later, Kapok Special Events Center & Gardens.

Perfect for unique events - inside and out

The Gardens' many delights augment the completely unique style of the Kapok Tree's indoor facilities. You and your guests will feel like they're inhabiting another, wonderful time and place... and your event will live long in their memories.